Glossary Of Terms

New Pistol

JHP – Jacketed Hollow Point FMJ – Full Metal Jacket JHP+P – Jacketed Hollow Point + Pressure HBWC – Hollow Base Wad Cutter Tac-XP – Tactical Expanding Point (monolithic) Tac-XP+P – Tactical Expanding Point + Pressure EXP – Extra Power Hollow Point


MK 262 MOD 1C – Commercial (C) MK 262 MOD 1-C

New Rifle + Black Hills Gold

V-Max – Varmint Maximum Match HP – Match or Target Hollow Point AccuBond – Accurate Bonded projectile ELD-M – Extremely Low Drag-Match ELD-X – Extremely Low Drag-eXpanding SST – Super Shock Tip GMX – Gilding Metal eXpanding (monolithic) TMK – Tipped MatchKing TSX – Barnes eXpanding (monolithic) OTM – Open Tip Match MPG – Multi-Purpose Green Dual Performance™ – Max Expansion + Penetration


HoneyBadger™ – Solid copper, non-deforming projectile with wide, sharp flutes

Authentic Cowboy Action

FPL – Flat Point Lead RNL – Round Nose Lead CNL – Conical Nose Lead RNFP – Round Nose Flat Point FNL – Flat Nose Lead