When you live in a place like the Black Hills of South Dakota,
you admire certain qualities in a wild and woolly critter like the honey badger. Qualities like fearlessness. A certain disregard for obstacles. A spirit of perseverance. And a nose for finding good honey.
We admired those critters enough, that we named our line of innovative defense ammunition after them. Introducing the HoneyBadger™. Solid copper, non-deforming, non-fragmenting projectiles with wide, sharp flutes. Ballistic broadheads that cut through barriers that cause hollowpoints to fail. An overall increase in depth and width
of wound cavities. In that moment, when you need the best to defend your family’s life or your own, we think you’ll appreciate
a certain quality the HoneyBadger™ possesses for the
least complicated reason in the world. It works.